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FLOW Have you ever come across situations where you need to move a data from one sheet to another sheet based on some condition and you don't know how to write app script codes for it?

We are giving you tools that will enable you to do this just by adding some simple rules. Let's dive in.
It's easy to write rules.
Suppose that you need to write a rule which work as follow.
If at column 'F' value is equal 'Approved' then Copy data from range A:F->B:G, G->A
Copies these data to sheet named 'Approved'.

Let's see how to add these conditions.
   Give the rule a name
   Flow in are the rule that helps to bring data from a different spreadsheet or website
   Flow out are the rules that helps to move data out from the selected sheet. We need to move all the appoved from one sheet to another, hence we need to seelct flow out.
   Describes when you need the rule to get executed. Manual rules need to be run manually by the user. On edit and On form submit will run automatically when such an event occurs in the spreadsheet.
   Select the sheet at which you need this rule to be exucuted.
   You can even add this rule to schedule, so that it can run automatically at the given time. But, also make sure that you have added schedules.
   Give the conditions
   You can add any number of conditions.
   A rule will run success when all the conditions are checked and found true
   Select the action that need to be done when the conditions are found success. It can Copy, Cut, Clear and Delete
   Give the range that need to be Copied.
   Give the spreasheet id where the data need to be pasted.
   Give the range to where the data need to be pasted
   If you need the previous data to be kept intact, than check the "Append"
Now you know about the very basic working of FLOW. You can add any number of conditions and any number of rules.
We are stoping here for now, but this is not the end, we will be soon posting videos turorial, please watch this space for the same.
If you have any doubt please let us know, You can reach us at addon@elifent.tech