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FLASH SMS Is one kind of addon that helps your easily create dynamic SMS from a Google Spreadsheet and sync the same with your phone to send SMS. Sending SMS from phone number gives great benefits compared to sending through bulk SMS providers,
Since we are using telecom service to send SMM, your phone number number will be displayed on the message and the recipient will know that sms is sent by you. In case of SMS API's messages sender number is masked with id's which will be string or random digits like 'BANKNOW', 'GOOGLECODE' or 567696.
The recipient can reply back to your number and the replies will be directly reaching your inox rather going to any other API. This makes communitcation and followups easier.
Its cheap. We did a math and we found that sending SMS through telephone services are 75% cheaper than API. Most interesting part is that many of us have a lot unused SMS balance in phone as we don't have any mechanisam to effective use.
Its easier. Doesn't need to write any code, doesn't need to wait for any approval, doesnt need to hire any person to help you to send SMS.
Higher success rate. SMS throug API's gets blocked by `Do not disturb` registries and there are more chance of being getting marked as spam. When you send SMS through your phone there is a higher chance of person reading your communitcation rather than going to his spam folder.
How it works?
Once you install the addon in the Google spreadsheet, then open the sidebar. Initially it will look blank as shown below.
Clik on "Create your first campaign" and then start filling the details. Here, I have given the campaign name as "Test campaign" and then a short description of what my campaign is about.
Now lets add details of the messages that we need to send. The two columns that the addon will search for maping with the SMS are Phone Number and Message. You can have any other columns in the spreadsheet for creating the SMS message. For eg: In the below scenario I have a name column for creating custom messages for the recipient. The addon will only look for columns Phone Number and Phone Number for creating the SMS object.
Once you add the messages in the spreadsheet, now it needs to be synched with the addon. To do this click on the button Sync From Spreadsheet and wait for the operation to be completed. Once the sync is completed then messages from the spreadsheet will show in the sidebar in the exact format on how it will be sent.
Being done that, now in the bottom of the sidebar click on Create button so that the campaign will be created. Even after creating the campaign you can add or delete messages from the campaign. But make sure that you are saving all the changes.
Once you save the campaign then your work on spreadsheet is completed. Lets get into the Android App.
Open the app in your phone and you will see all the campaigns that you have created.
Select a campaign to see all the messages that are synched
Click on send button Wait for all the messages sending to completed.
After some time you will be able to see the delivery reports of each messages.
Isn't it easy? Now lets send some SMS