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Eli Forms Adding some extra functionalites on Google Form should never be tought. Just install an addon, add some conditions, bang!!! Your Google form is now a powerfull form.
   Send form notification to multiple people
   Send HTML email as response on form submit
   Automatically stop accepting responses
   Add a watch and get notifed when any response meets the criteria
Get notifications
First thing first, let's see how you and your team can get a notification when someone sumbits the Google Form.
   Give all the email id those likes to get a notification on new response
   Choose a theme color for your emails
   Some users may not answer all the questions in the form, If you need to get the answered questions also in the email then check the same
   Best part, you can skip the boaring template that we are using and then use your own beautiful email templates for notifications. Use it, add some stiking fonts, images, signatures whatever... Its all yours
Auto response
Good, now everyone in our team will be getting a notification, but shouldn't we also need to send a notification to the person who submitted the form? A thankyou note, or say that you have received the data and looking onto it. An instant feedback is also good.
   You can choose the question which captures the email id of the user
   If you have enabled for automatic capturing of email address then the same will be captured under as "Respondent Email"
   Next, give the response content.
   BTW, you can send own custom email as response. A well designed thankyou note will be an exciting one
   To do that, check custom HTML and the email content
Auto stop
Automatically stoping the form will be much helpful in certain cenarious. Suppose that you have 100 tickets for a concert and you want to stop the form when reaching 100 responses. You can do that.

Or you can stop the form at a perticular date. You have asked your students to submit their paper and the time given in Monday evening 5:00 PM. Just add the time and relax. The form will be automatically stopped.

We know that some business are much complicated, and they might be having a very unique calculation for stoping the form, It may not fit into a specific time or response count. How can w achieve that. Well, just a formula to any cell in the spreadsheet that is accepting the form response and give the cell address. The form will be automatically stopped whenever the cell value becomes TRUE.
   The time should be in MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm
   Give the number the responses that you need and stop the form the once it hits
   Give the cell address in 'Sheet Name!Cell Address' format. For eg: If I have a sheet name 'Reports' in my spreadsheet which where I am storing form responses and cell A1 is doing some calcualtions about the life of the form then I will give Reports!A1
Value watch
Another super cool is feature is that you can get instant notification whenever a form response meets any perticular value. The criteria can be give as shown in the below pic. We watch every form submits and match the same with the conditions and sends you an instant notification.
   Select a question
   Choose a checking method
   Give the value that need to be checked for