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Privacy policy
​Welcome to the privacy policy of Clippy addon.

When you use our services we respect your privacy and data. None of your data or assets are accessed if it's not required by the app. We do not transfer or store any of your personal information such as application data, your email or any other personal information if it is not required by the system. If we are accessing any of your data you will be prompted the same by Google Addon installation window, hence you are safe to continue.

To run the addon we ask the following access:

View and manage your spreadsheets in Google Drive
This access will be required if you are using a Spreadsheet Addon. Addon needs access to read your spreadsheet so that the data can be read and processed, it needs to write access to write back the results after processing.

Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
Addon use sidebar and dialogs to communicate with the user. These interfaces are created using web content creation tools like html, css and javascript along with some modern web technologies such as vue.js or react.js to build the UI.

Connect to an external service
The addon needs to connect with msg91 API services to send SMS. For connecting to these services we use issue HTTP-get and HTTP-post request. These services are called as external services in Google App Script terminology.

We may modify this document to make it inline with changes with Google policies that may come in action during the course. We are committed to letting you know about these changes as it takes place.

Thank You for trying out our services, we are looking forward to a great relationship.

Add On Team